Prayers And Offerings

Monlam 2012 commenced with Offerings to the Karmapa.
Rinpoche and the Sangha then offer a Mandala, prayers in Sanskrit followed by Refuge and Bodhichitta and other prayers.

Welcome Speeches

Sin-Tae Wong the MC for Monlam welcomes Rinpoche and the Sangha.
Uncle Greg, the Aboriginal Elder performs a ‘Welcome to County’ ceremony.
Welcome speech by Siew Keng Tong, which is followed with a speech by Rinpoche.
Translated by Crystal Guan and Kelsang.

Images Of The Altar

Images of the amazing Tormas made by the Monks and the wonderful flower offerings.

The Afternoon Monlam Prayer Session

The Sangha during the afternoon Monlam prayer session.

Offerings To The Sangha

Sin-Tae Wong and Willow Mackay make offerings to the Sangha as a thank you for performing the Monlam Prayers.