Public Offerings

Members of the public making offerings to the Buddhas, Dharma and Sangha during the morning prayers.

Morning Prayers

The morning prayer session.

Akshobya Puja

Rinpoche performing the Akshobya Puja

Karma Samten Choeling Committee Mandala Offering

The committee from KSC making a Mandala Offering

Rinpoche’s Long Life Prayer

Karma Samten Choeling Committee and Monlam Volunteers recite Rinpoche’s Long Life Prayers. Sin-tae Wong then offers Rinpoche a book that was made to commemorate the first three years of Kagyu Monlam in Australia ~ 2011 to 2013.

The Auspiciousness Of The Great Encampment
Khata Waving Ceremony

Rinpoche, the Sangha and members of the audience waving Khatas.

Marme Monlam
Light Offering Ceremony

Images from the Marme Monlam ceremony.