Thousand Arm Chenrezig Empowerment

Over 600 people arrived on Sunday for the Thousand Arm Chenrezig Empowerment and Buddha Relics Blessing.

Karma Samten Choeling Committee Mandala Offering

The Committee members of Karma Samten Choeling make a mandala offering to Rinpoche. Committee members are: Albert Loo, Sin-tae Wong, Siew Keng Tong, Willow Mackay, Leslie Chan, Jane Yao.

Auspiciousness Of The Great Encampment (Kata Waving Ceremony)

The Sangha and public waving their Kata’s during the Auspiciousness Of The Great Encampment ceremony.

Marme Monlam ~ The Lamp Ceremony

Guest Sangha Chanting

Sangha from Wat​ Phrayortkeo ​Dhammayanaram and members of the Lao community chanting prayers.

Sponsors Appreciation Ceremony

As Rinpoche said in his conclusion speech “I am just a simple monk, I can not afford to pay for Monlam”. Without the donations of the Sponsors and other benefactors, the Kagyu Monlam would not be able to run in such a wonderful venue.

Long Life Prayer For Rinpoche

The committee of Karma Samten Choeling and younger students reciting the Long Life Prayer for Rinpoche.

Conclusion Speech And Sangha Blessing

Rinpoche ended the 2013 Australian Kagyu Monlam with his Conclusion Speech and Sangha Blessings.

Group Photograph and Crystal and Kelsang