The Venue

Once again we are back at The Concourse, Chatswood for the Kagyu Monlam Australia 2014. This beautiful venue will be the home of Monlam for the next three days. Image below is of Rinpoche and the Monks chanting the morning prayers, whilst the volunteers watch


Offerings And Prayers

Rinpoche and the Monks commence the 2014 Kagyu Monlam with traditional prayers, and Bathing The Buddha.

Mandala Offering

A Mandala Offering by Rinpoche, Karma Samten Choeling Committee members, and Monlam volunteers.

Public Offerings

Welcome To Country

A ‘Welcome To Country’ by Local Aboriginal Elder ‘Uncle Greg’. This Aboriginal welcome is to recognise traditional custodians of a particular region, as the elder from the local region welcomes people to their land.

Afternoon Teachings

The first teachings of Monlam with Rinpoche teaching on Renunciation and Bodhicitta.