Morning Prayers

Day two of Kagyu Monlam Australia 2013 starts with Offering to the Karmapa, Prayers in Sanskrit, Refuge and Bodhichitta and other refuge prayers.

Offerings To Sanhga

Albert Loo and Willow Mackay make offerings to the Ordained Sangha.

Public Offerings To Sanhga

Many of the public have made generous offerings to the Buddhas and Sangha.

Chanting By Sunim Boan

Sunim Boam after lunch chanted a prayer in Korean.

Bodhichitta Teaching

The essence and foundation of all Buddhist teachings is Bodhichitta.  Bodhichitta is the source of peace, happiness, compassion, love, joy, and equanimity. So it is the source of enlightenment.

Bodhicitta lies within our fundamental nature. The two elements of bodhicitta are the intellectual and the practice aspects.

This teaching shows us that intellectual understanding of bodhicitta alone is not sufficient.  It must be incorporated into and merged with our daily lives in order that it may benefit not only ourselves but also those around us.

For all of us who yearn for the loving heart – this is a teaching not to be missed.

Images From The Altar

A selection of images taken of Buddhas and other items on the Altar.

Torma’s (Butter Sculptures)

Photographs of the Torma’s that the Monks have been creating over the last few weeks, the detail is amazing!