Monks Singing In Tibetan

The Monks sang a couple of wonderful and very powerful Tibetan songs to finalise the Cultural Performances.

Group Photograph

Group Photographs of the Sangha and all the Cultural Performers.

Chinese Dancers

The Chinese Dancers performing a Thousand Arm Chenrezig (Quan Yin) dance.

Cantonese Opera

An amazing performance by the Cantonese Opera.

Parkour Performance

Somersaults, backflips, handstands, flips and high drama in this exuberant gymnastics performance.

Bangladesh Singers

The Bangladesh Singers had the audience clapping hands to their songs.

Nepalese Dancers

The Nepalese Dancers put on a great performance with a single dancer and then a team dance.

Tibetan Performers

The Tibetan musicians played up a storm whilst the dancers put on a fantastic singing and dancing performance.