Offerings And Prayers

Day one of Kagyu Monlam Australia 2013 starts with Offering to the Karmapa, Prayers in Sanskrit, Refuge and Bodhichitta and other refuge prayers.

Mandala Offering

A Mandala Offering is made to His Holiness the 17th Galwang Karmapa.

Aboriginal Welcome To Country

We then have the ‘Welcome To Country’ by Local Aboriginal Elder ‘Uncle Greg’ and Didgeridoo player ‘Gomeroy’.

Welcome Speeches

The Introductory speech by Sin-tae Wong and the Monlam Welcome speech by Siew Keng Tong, which are then translated by Crystal and Kelsang.

Tai Situpa And Offerings

A special video recording from Tai Situpa wishing the Australian Kagyu Monlam 2013 the best, recorded by Dana. Sin-tae Wong and Siew Keng Tong then make offerings to all the Lamas.

Lunch Offering To Sangha

Karma Samten Choeling today offered lunch to all the Sangha.

Buddha Realm’s Teaching

After lunch a teaching was given by Rinpoche on the Buddha Realm’s, and translated into English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.